I cant find that $15 million or $9 your talking about. The freight is out of the feasibility, that is the document that the only real document out there.

As for the natural gas being further. That would be a capital expense to get it to there site. Everyone pays the same for gas, I agree with you on frieght as well. The 2 are too close to have that much difference. But the feasibility is the only real document that has been 3rd party verified by Engineers, All these spammers who work off the top of the head, or many moons ago.

WPX feasibility doesnt have the best break down on there Opex. Krn says $47 for gas at $4.58, WPX is $4.00

AS we are talking about this thou. My last post was a rough calculation for profits to compare against Mosiak, Which i think both companies are close enough to Mosiak.

But because it Hypothetical

$162 WPX with there Frieght.

$175 KRN with there frieght

Gas has to be the same. If it was 200km distance, just that first 200 km is filled, classify as CAPEX but really how much is that a few $100. So that $47 KRN has *85% brings the OPEX down to $40. Theres $8 in gas reduction for KRN and the $9 freight reduction for WPX

Really anyway you cut it, the difference in numbers are around $10 bucks. If KRN has that additional $9 (which i still cant find, I must be blind today, which press release) Instaed of 40 years,itll be 20 years to make up the distance.

I think my post had some negative feed back on both boards. It got spammed to page 2 over the weekend. WPX probably didnt like that OPEX number of the free 30% and the $74 (Its right out of the feasibility guys. You argueing with your own companies documents) and KRN not liking that WPX has a great investment. KRN board is argueably the worst board of cheerleading and pumpers. I think its a social chat for them.


Losecash: i say 400% if WPX can sell on there reserves. That would be the management fighting not to be bought out at the 40% premium. Im extremely happy with a 20% return on any stock, but i agree a 40% premium is much more likely.

There is my argument from before. If your new to this thread. with my argument on the 800,000 tonnes of free potash in year 10. It is a real pain in the butt trying to find out how companies hide the true numbers. But its all there if you actually look. Its how there legal documents. If you have ever been through a divorce, you learn real fast how there "hidden" items that arent highlighted. lol