Rob-o . I have a huge interest in wpx and I hope it gets bought out cos it will lift all juniors. What happens to krn affects wpx to a degree and vice versa. I don't own wpx and I am not short it. But part of my due dilligence is reading and posting on a stock and seeing what I find out, did same on aaa and became very Intersted in them.

truthfully, at some point in this process, it bothered me as to why I could not figure out wpx's plan, and i now feel vested in the story to some extent, both the good aspects and the bad aspects. 

And initially I was not impressed by what I read here(still am not), but I have spoken to the company and I think I have figured out their game plan and it is not all doom and gloom for shareholders. I think the mine/resource is worth a heck of a lot more than the current sp, but the facts are if nobody will step forward and buy/invest the company I can see the sp going much lower. I really hope that does not happen, because the resource  is great.

i think management are decent knowledgable guys who unfortunately have no potash experience(which is a huge negative), but they do have a good guy that has large mine construction/operation working for them.

they choose a mine plan that they felt at the time could maximize their resource, unfortunately with hindsight i believe they chose poorly and that is only because of the cost to build(no staged construction), the mine itself is awesome and the costs are decent. In a nutshell I hope they do it. And I think with UBS on board they have a much better chance of getting somewher(see my mine royalties post) then I had previously given them credit for.