Smart invest- the rail line s only 3km from Karnalyte's plant .it is 23km from Wpx plant. That is probably why there are extra costs for Wpx as it is a total of 46km for a train to have to travel off the main line. 



Krn feasabillity study-
4 Railway
The proposed plant site rail loading facility to be constructed during expansion 2 and 3 of the project will transport all potash production from the plant to the Main CP Rail line. Before finali- sation of this facility, Product will be transported by truck. The Main CP Rail line is approxi- mately 3km to the north of the plant. A new spur track will connect the plant to this existing line.
From Wpx feasibility study-


18.4 Rail Access to the Site
A branch rail line will connect the on-site plant rail lines to the trackage of either CP or CN. Potential tie-in locations are:
• CP Weyburn main line: southwest of plant site (23.2 km)
• CP Indian Head main line: north of plant site (33.0 km)
• CN Qu’Appelle main line: north of plant site (45.0 km)
• SSR Tyvan short line: north of plant site (15.5 km)
• CN Glenavon branch line: north of plant site (25.8 km)
• Abandoned CN branch line southeast of Estlin: south of plant site (4.3 km)
The current design assumption is a single track connection to the CP Weyburn mainline to the southwest of the site rail access point.