age 21-5 Table 12 WPX Feasibility on Sedar


Table 12. Unit Costs used in Estimating

Operating Costs

Unit Cost

(CAD$/t) Primary Primary and


Labour 19.67 14.93

Repair supplies 5.32 4.27

Power 11.95 9.37

Natural gas 26.43 22.94

Water 2.24 1.67

Consumables 4.78 4.72

Well field operation 4.24 4.39

Total Unit Cost 74.64 62.28

If i missed that $15million per year sustaining CAPEX on KRN. Can you site it for me? I just looked there Feasibility and couldnt find it? But if i missed i will rework the numbers

As for rail, who knows thats just whats in there Feasibility Study. One is CN and CP maybe? Conservative or not. That is whats there to work off of.

Thank you for the Intelletual response. Way more than what the KRN board has to offer