Will not turn up their noses at making a dime and this is so begging to be played with its not even funny.

This is  the first time in a month we've had volume over 250k

Once the volume comes they will be on this like flies to poop

Thats why the MM`s were tryin to keep a lid for today

So here the long list of potential suitors

There are several groupings;

1. "Potash Companies" POT Agrium and Mosaic. Potash Corp and Mosaic have giant operations already. Only Agrium may come forward and this is unlikely

2 Global "Bulk commodity" miners BHP Rio Tinto Vale Xstrata. Already have enough?

3 Large Canadian miners Teck. This could happen

4 Smaller potash miners such as Israel Chemicals

5 Smaller company in partnership with a Korean or Japanese conglomorite (KORES Mitsubishi types)

6 Government owned company from China or India

7 Left Field. There are numerous global multi metallic miners that might decide to diversify and surprise us. If marketing knowledge is low they would likely join Canpotex but not necessarily.

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