On Fri WPRT-Q closed at $ 31.54 +2.32 (7.94%),  when the markets traded -ve most of the day



"Expanding on that partnership with Cummins, WPRT stock popped on Friday on analyst speculation of a takeover by CMI. With that move, the stock looks close to staging a technical breakout through resistance between $31 and $32, at which point it has room up to around $36.

The stock is not without risk, as with a lot of developing technologies the company has been running at losses. Expectations are that it will lose $1.13 per share in 2013, a modest improvement from a $1.57 loss in 2012. However, revenue growth is still expected to be 28%. It currently has a net asset value (assets minus liabilities) of approximately $401 million, which includes $258 million of cash and $82 million of debt. And given the company's strength in the field, and still relatively small market cap ($1.5 billion), we don't think it's out of the question that the company could eventually be seen as a takeover target."

The commentators of the article pointed out that Obama's "clean fuels" may not include nat gas, 30-40% cleaner. He and his EPA have stonewalled nat gas development entirely and even revenue neutral nat gas energy policy floated in Senate/Congress was quashed summarily multiple times last year. But the engines and technology WPRT develops will power transportation needs in China and most of Europe.