I was wondering why their analyst was not on the call and there were no follow up notes. 


When  Skippen took over, he and WiLAN were both helped by a surge of new coverage by analysts in both Canada and the U.S. following the NASDAQ listing. Over the past year, the turnover of analysts and the net loss of coverage in both countries has hurt WiLAN's ability to get exposure to institutional investors.

Hopefully this will change as WiLAN succeeds with its plan and becomes more visible to the world. Brokerage firms and research houses want to talk to their clients about stocks with rising growing revenues and earnings. Stocks are just merchandise to them and they want good merchandise to sell.

Fraser is not a big loss in my opinion. I think Mona was out of her league and didn't really understand IP companies.

As WiLAN gains traction in the second half of this year I would like to see JP Morgan, Wm Blair, Cowen and Stephens in the U.S. add WIN to their coverage of IP companies like VHC, IDCC and ACTG.