Daniel Kim  – Managing Director Research
Senior Analyst,
Industrial Technology 

One has has to put some measure of confidence  in Kim. He is the Managing director of Paradigm responsible for their research and also functions as a senior analyst for the Industrial Technology sector.

He has some pretty complimentary things to say about Wilan's track record and has a pretty high target. He considers them very undervalued compared to peers and indicates a forward PE of 4.8 which indicates that their forward 2014 EPS estimate must be ~85 cents. BTW analysts average EPS for 2014 is 70 cents and for this year is a measly 25 cents this year (likely due to the estimates of litigation costs). If the 2014 EPS estimate is correct, Wilan is indeed extremely undervalued on an income generation perspective

I have a question of the board. If they signed 8 license agreements in 2012, would anyone care to hazard a guess as to how much annual revenue these signings represent.