you are absolutely correct.  How could WIN be on that list, but not IPL.UN? 


MSD eventually paid off well but it took a buy-out as management had sat on their butts while the first batch of money rolled in, p..sing  much of it away on a share-buy back and many useless patents.  Suddenly reality hit, and they iniated a bunch of new court cases and in stepped WIN to get the "take-out" ball rolling.  That "saved" MSD management (and cost WIN a pretty penny)

The storey here is beginning to look the same - despite all the posturing revenues are not growing and sooner or later someone is going to  start shouting that the king has no clothes.  

I'm lucky as most of my accounts are still in the black on this, but I now view the investment as a lottery ticket on a take-over.  I have been reducing my holdings as opportunites present and my needs change.

I'd be happy to be proven wrong, but it management doesn't deliver soon someone's going to scoop up the carcuss for a song.