really think it is your head in the clouds, still


“What goes up must come down.”

Isaac Newton

Real life tells us that we are near our all time low...while the Dow and S & P are at their all time high.

The world makets are scared to touch any junior at present because of all the resource nationalism out there in the media...the RIO deal in Mongolia is about the dumbest one of them all...the country was looking at getting massive amounts of cash for their 3 million people and they are just about ready to blow the deal apart...and they chased CHALCO away last summer....insanity in the Dominican Republic as well...we all know about the Africa messes....and look at Equador in South America....the entire world has minerals in the Earth, the governments need to extract these for tax purposes to feed their IS the way to supply their voters with happy thoughts to get re-elected....the problem is the baby is getting thrown out with the bathwater here and a dozen other really great projects.

My proposal would be to have the Government of Canada step up on Mount Logan (highest summit) and scream out loud how safe and secure your minerals leases and lisences are in the country.....and top off the cake by saying how they are going to streamline the permitting process to abtain your mining permit in less time....along with any mine that has a plan of 12 years or more (with proper mine closure plans in place) your first 2 years of taxes will be free as long as you use the funds to repay debt to place the mine in a stable future position to overcome market price fluxuation. (Could someone forward this to their connections with the higher authorities, today, thanks)

Face it the Canadian market is in tough how many "explorers"...which if history serves me right...there are way more than ever now because a lot of these guys that were at the big players over the years and hit the jackpot, branched out on their own to find greener pastures and live off investors by sellig stock to support their lifestyle while out in the bush...Look at the "private" guy named Robert Friedland that never appears in public, cuz I am too secretive and smart....he was at PDAC this year on top of a podium yelling loud about his new "find" in Africa and how "this is the decade for Africa"...if he had to 'stoop' this low to look for funds,,,the world is in do-do. 

I clearly showed 2 joint ventures in the PGM category that we have on our pdf'sfor comparison

Polymet and their JV with Glencore (33%)

Duluth Metals & their JV with Antofagosta (40%)

Each deal is a bit different but the company kept control of the overall project. This is what we have to try to envision here with this project, we have the CEO  that can take her all the way to the "line".  Look at what he did with South American Silver & Novagold's market cap's....that alone is alomst unheard of in the mining industry...not counting his time at look back at what his very first interview last fall is 18 minutes long but, my point is at the very end at 17:10 minutes in...

Look at the smile on his face when he says the "caliber of the asset we have"

He KNOWS what we have here...

 we can all read his face when it lights up about the the latest interview 5 days ago at the 2:35 mark of this 4 minute interview

he sees the reality of where we