A better question to ask is what is management doing to get our SP to those levels?

Things like doing an updated resource estimate before the next PP.

The difference could be doing a $20M PP at $1 for an extra 20M shares to the float Vs. doing a PP at $20M at $3+ for an extra 7M shares added to the float. 

Another thing would that management could/should have been doing is continuous met testing as this can be done year round. 

Another thing management could do is follow up on their words with actions. Such as doing exploration drilling when they say they will.

So my question to management is why are we not doing an updated resource estimate before the next PP, and why are we not doing new met testing year round. 

Lets face it these are difficult times to try and raise money. So why are we planning to raise money with no catalyst prior to the raise? Are they intentionally trying to dilute current shareholders? If not where is the PROOF!! And when I ask for proof I want to see actions not words.