Management needs to read the writting on the wall and do an updated resource estimate BEFORE the next PP.

I agree with what Mackie said. Who spends a Million + on a PEA and the next year spend another Million to do another PEA? I never heard of this before. I know they want to look at a lower production rate for a lower CAPEX. But the CAPEX now is very reasonable, even more so when you look at the NPV. IMHO they should forget about another PEA and spend the extra money on a new resource estimate and then after this years drilling do another resource estimate and then do the PFS. No need to waste money for another PEA just to factor in the split concentraite and the LNG. The PEA that we have now is a great conservative PEA and the PFS should look even better. No need to do another PEA that looks even better than the current PEA when a PFS holds a lot more water than PEA.