Don't be a dreamer! Shakespeare was marginally profitable at best. Without a CAPEX of around $100M I don't expect that to change.

The updated resource estimate is a sure thing to doing a raise above current levels.

I been to the site and I can tell you it's huge but you really don't know how deep the river goes until you drill it and until then exploration can really be a double edged sword. And to only do a raise now for a coupe exploration holes now with the intent on doing another raise at a later date is flirting with disaster.

Better to just spend the cash for a updated resource estimate and get it over with. That should have been in the works since the drilling stoped last year. Why a resource estimate is not being done now makes me wonder. 

I hate it when management wants to dilute the shareholders to death and also  management runs the company with the treasury sucking on fumes and everyone knows it. Then even when positive news comes out it's ignored because everyone knows of the need to do a raise.