I'll second that request NeonCowboy.  Spend the $650k or whatever and put out an updated 43-101 2 months from now Greg.  Then go ahead and raise cash with higher priced shares.


I was just looking at the original July 2011 43-101 NR and noticed this little tidbit about Wellgreen.  It would be nice to try and get a new sample of this zone in the next round of drilling:

A shear zone was discovered in 2005 with rock samples yielding up to 70.1 g/t Palladium, and 77.3 g/t Platinum and 1.37 g/t Rhodium over a 3 km strike.

Everyone ignores the Rhodium.  I personally don't want to wait for the second phase of the Met tests to see the Rhodium numbers.  Just throw them into the next 43-101.  You can report on the recoveries later.