Ivanplats went public in Oct 2012.  Most of you aren't familiar with them.  They had a pretty impressive NR about their PGM+Au project yesterday.



Kamoa Copper project in the DRC.  
Indicated 739Mt at 2.67% Cu = $160,612,782,000 worth of metal in the ground.
Inferred  227Mt at 1.96% = $36,216,488,000 worth of metal in the ground.
Total: $196 billion worth of copper at $3.70/lb
2011 PEA capital cost of approximately US$2 billion
NPV10 at $3.50/lb Cu = $2.1B,  61 year mine life
estimated cash cost (net of by-product credits) of 95 cents per pound
an updated PEA is expected to be released in the first half of 2013
Platreef PGM+Au Discovery in South Africa expands to 29.2 million ounces of platinum, palladium, rhodium and gold in Indicated Mineral Resources, 
plus an additional 44.0 million ounces in Inferred Mineral Resources, at a 2.0 g/t 4PE cutoff
Without specifics, I'd guess they have between $73B to $120B in metal at Flatreef
Call it roughly $300B worth of metal in these two flagship projects.  
At $2.6B, IVP is 40 times the market cap of NKL, has more country risk with the DRC and South Africa vs the Yukon, and less than 10 times the metal in the ground.
The main difference though is that IVP has most of their metals in the indicated category, while NKL is still around 5% measured and indicated.  That will change eventually.  When it does, NKL will compare very, very favourably to IVP on a CapEx vs CapEx, NPV vs NPV, IRR vs IRR and Market Cap to Resource basis.
We've done a lot of drilling since the numbers were calculated for the July 2011 43-101.  We've had some of our best results found since then.  We've uncovered new high grade zones to the east and west that haven't been included in our resource totals.  What we really need to do to get this stock moving again is raise cash, drill, drill, drill, and update our 43-101 as soon as possible.
Get 'er done Greg!
For reference, most of the IVP numbers come from their recent NRs and this presentation.
Do your own DD, correct me if I've got something wrong, and enjoy.
PS, I want more Jitty.  Bring the price to my bids please.
PPS, I do hold IVP in the $4.50 range, but only because their large M&I percentages make them a better takeover target for a mega-cap stock.  FWIW.  NKL should be in a similar situation in 12 months or so (I hope).
Get 'er done Greg!