Bottles...will the underlying be more like....What is the future of Platinum as well as the price off Platinum be once we are mining?  Where will the world be at down the road based on the platinum usage and supply, adding in resourse nationalism in Africa and depletion in Russia?


Major expected milestones for the Wellgreen project include:

  • 2013
  • Q1 – Q4       Ongoing Baseline Environmental and Logistics Studies
  • Q2 – Q3       Mobilization and commencement of the exploration program
  • Q2 – Q4       Engineering and Metallurgical Test Work Program
  • 2014
  • Q1               Updated Resource Estimate and Preliminary Economic Assessment
  • Q2 – Q4      Pre-Feasibility-level Studies and initiation of Permitting
  • 2015-2016   Feasibility Studies, Permitting and Construction

and what other mines will have their line up and running during this span to fill the void...Polymet is one...Duluth Metals and their underground project in nothern MN is massive as well, however, they will not be open prior to Wellgreen with the permiting complexities from that state and federal authorities...not to mention the environ-mental-ists...are there any others in the mix?