What really annoys me are the clashing ego's on the Stockhouse bullboards.

My oldest kid is 4 years old now and tends to have the same behaviour as some posters on the board, "I have more then you're", "I'm smarter then you're", "mine is bigger then yours" , "I'm a better investor then you are"" and so on and so on...ok...my kid don't say he's a better investor but I guess you guys und. my point.

Come on guys, post some real info about the subject that does matter and don't waste serious people's time with chitchat about insecure ego's that need to be pumped up in some way.

Just look into your bathroom mirror and try to convince yourself your the best in the world, this might be more effective and because other people don't see that theatre they won't be annoyed about it. That's what I call a winwin situation!

So...anyone...inside information, insider sells/buys, all welcome!