This is a repost.  There are people out there who need to see this video.


Quote from Daniel Osterman, P. Geologist, Senior Geologist, starting at 2:57...


"I feel confident that this whole 17-kilometer belt is mineralized.  As we've seen in the Arch claims to the West and the ... claims to the East, we believe that this mineralization is continuous.  If the whole 17 kilometers is as mineralized as the 2.7 kilometers from which this resource comes,  it would be the largest precious  metals deposit in terms of platinum, palladium, plus gold in North America."


James West, at 7:02...


"Our view is that since these inferred and indicated resources come from only 2.7 kilometers of a 17 kilometer land package with surface expressions and geochemistry across the full 17 kilometers expressing the same characteristics as the geology that contains the existing resource, the potential for expansion of this resource is extremely good."


Note that the above statements do not include anything for Rhodium or other exotics, or nickel and copper, which constitute well over half of the value of the metals in the deposit.  It doesn't account for this year's drilling results, which will add to the inferred resource and move rsources from inferred to indicated.


Wellgreen is huge.  There is a lot of ore, and it is rich ore.  The upcoming drill results could confirm the presence of a much longer, continuus deposit.  Someday, this deposit will be "discovered" by the investing public, this information will be known to all, and the value of Prophecy Platinum will skyrocket.