I had a very long conversation with Matthew Emery in Investor Relations this morning.  We mostly talked about Prophecy Coal, and I will post my thoughts there when I can find the time.  At the end, we turned to Prophecy Platinum.  He said that he expects the drill results to be out sometime next week.  Obviously, I couldn't ask, and he couldn't tell me what the results would be.  I did ask if we were able to drill into Wellgreen East before the drilling season ended.  He did say that there would be fifteen holes reported, two are underground and the remainder are surface, and results from Wellgreen East will be included. 


I think that the Wellgreen East results will be the most important for the market, as it should be considered as a new strike, and an important early indicator of both the extent of the mineralization for the remainder of our 17+km claim.  It will also show the market that our geologists do understand the overall geology of the area.


Mr. Emery is intelligent, approachable, and informative, and I would suggest feeling free to call him with your questions.