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Western Forest Products Inc T.WEF

Sector: Forest Products | Sub-Sector: Lumber & Wood Production
Alternate Symbol(s): WFSTF|T.WEF.WT

Western Forest Products Inc., is an integrated softwood forest products company. The Company's business includes timber harvesting, reforestation, forest management, saw milling logs into lumber, wood chips, and value-added lumber remanufacturing.
Price: $2.19 | Change: $-0.07 | % Change: -3.10%
Volume: 2.5m | Day High/Low: 2.28/2.17 | 52 Week High/Low: 2.68/1.21

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Rude Awakening

The holders of short positions are poised for a rude awakening in the near future.  There is no ryhme or reason for the stock to be trading at these levels. The spring building season is just getting...read more
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Entering the strongest period of the year for lumber?

Dundee just put a buy on several forest companies. With the cold winter and still very respectable lumber prices, we should see $400 lumber soon. After the options expire, the company could and should...read more
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RE:Port strike

No hard facts....but if you dig back through earlier posts, there are some by residents on Vancouver Island who have been in the lumber business......saying that the port strike in Vancouver should...read more
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Port strike

Dose anyone know what affect if any the port strike had on WFP's first quarter.  rate and reply
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Analyst consensus

Revenue growth for 2014 and 2015 rounded to whole numbers:   WEF 8% and 18% respectively.  IFP.A 28% and 41% respectively.  rate and reply
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Lumber prices today

CME Lumber USD/tbf 333.80 +12.30 +3.83% Jul 14 13:30:01  rate and reply
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WEF Short Cancer

Symbol Report Date Volume Change Shares Issued % Float T : WEF 2014-04-15 12,686,915 1,553,703 391,728,407 3.24 T : WEF 2014-03-31 11,133,212 2,596,963 391,728,407 2.84 T : WEF 2014-03-15 8,536,249 42...read more
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RE:RE:Western Forest Products Announces Release Date of First Quar

Annual share holder meeting being held Thursday May 8 at 9 AM in Vancouver.  I think that is the only significance.  rate and reply
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nice whipsaw

nice whipsaw trade at 2.20s to 2.30s. thanks for trade...as tweeted too. cheers, dave.  rate and reply
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is an unusually heavy buyer of warrants today.....I'm guessing that they're optomistic about 1st Q results and want to get in on the stock action at the warrant price....JMHO  rate and reply
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I'm happy

to say I sold MPH today & hope to buy more WEF after 1st Q results........  rate and reply
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Sorry Gang (Buy Sell Or Hold WEF)

Didn't cut and paste like the the article I just read. It can be found on Bann Ronn online trading and investing . Just go to the site and punch in WEF  rate and reply
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Buy, Sell or Hold WEF

Support & Resistance Trading Levels **Target Price 2.89 $$$$ Monthly R2 2.75 Monthly R1 2.58 Yearly R2 2.48 50 SMA/DMA 2.45 Weekly R2 2.41 Monthly Pivot 2.4 --- 20 SMA/DMA 2.38 5 SMA/DMA 2.37 Weekly...read more
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RE:This stock needs a

Just to be a devils advocate, the industries are different. Lumber prices taking a beating compared to oil and gas having a bit of a run up. Just my 2cents  rate and reply
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This stock needs a

reverse split in a good way,..  a 3 or 4 to 1. Far too many shares outstanding, also below a $5 price keeps many regulated funds away from being able to buy this stock too. For the nay-sayers...read more
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RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:Td Reiterates its 3.00 price target EOM

Per my post 1 month ago the bought deal has to be put through the system. Not to worry and not to panic.  rate and reply
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RE:RE:RE:RE:Td Reiterates its 3.00 price target EOM

Quite right Flamingo......I'm looking at the volumes & thinking this isn't just drifting down...it's being driven down....no insider sales reported since end of March....doesn't look like Brookfields....read more
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RE:RE:RE:Td Reiterates its 3.00 price target EOM

Either this is now way oversold or something else is at play here. Markets are down less than 5% while this is now pushing 20% from the recent high.  rate and reply
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Lumber Indsutry

Seems to be pretty out of favor at the moment which I suppose is not unusual given the run it has had. Some serious profit taking to drive the price back down to 2.19... did not think I would see that...read more
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Lumber Prices

I've been surprised that lumber prices have been dropping so sharply. I would have thought that with the weather improving there would have been an increase in demand for lumber to make up for the...read more