Seatosea is correct regarding the dividends as here is the applicable extract from their NR. As indicated, you can expect a press release shortly that will confirm the specific dates.

For 2013, Whitecap is pleased to announce that our Board of Directors has approved a $152 million capital program and an initial monthly dividend policy of $0.05 per share commencing January 2013 with the first dividend payment in February 2013, all of which is anticipated to be funded through funds from operations. Our dividend policy is reviewed monthly and is based on a number of factors including current and future commodity prices, foreign exchange rates, our commodity hedging program, current operations and future investment opportunities.  Each dividend declaration will be confirmed by a monthly press release.

In addition, as can be seen, WCP was recommended by Michael Giordano on Friday's Market Call. GLTA



2012-12-28 BUY WCP-T Whitecap Resources

Scheduled to pay a dividend of $.60 per year (about an 8% yield). In the Pembina/Cardium oil area as well as the Peace River Arch of Valhalla with Montne oil. Producing about 16,000 barrels per day. Have been growing by acquisition and the drill bit. Excellent management. Sees the dividend being sustained both in the mid-and long-term.