Hey Golddiggers, If I was you i would wait a little bit more. Look at VTR right now, POG is up $15,00 &

institutions are managing the stock price to remain at $0,32.This stock is never aloud to go in positive

territory. They want it down & down it will go. As long as we don't see a strong reversal in the POG, VTR is

doomed to go lower & lower. Since, Feb 1st  VTR had only one positive close (1/2 cent on February 5th). 

Since, January 1st, 35 trading days & VTR was aloud to close positive 7 times. In that period there was a NR

about Kiaka revised numbers. I don't expect NR in the near future & anyways when there's a NR, they always

managed to suppress the stock price the same day or the day after. In conclusion, be patient & leave your

order open at $0,10 100k. I would be very surprised to see VTR close in the green today, my forecast for

today is even or negative while many gold stocks will bounce