Just for the record, a week ago (Fri Jan 27th) on BNN, James Hodgins had VNP as a Top Pick.... however his suggestion was to go short VNP!  Yikes. His reasons were that the solar industry continues to get hammered and is losing its subsidies and that VNP carries a lot of debt.

Fwiw, I disagree. I took an initial position in VNP back in December at under $5 because I thought the solar industry shake-out was nearing its end (ie it's old news), also VNP's reliance on just FSLR and solar will be greatly reduced this year with MCP now in the mix . Also it seems to me that VNP's debt load is quite modest and its P/E of ~8 looks attractive.  No doubt there are some risks out there (eg European melt-down or Iran) but if the world markets can continue to muddle forward then I think VNP can too. We'll see.