Yes it was a good broadcaste with some good and useful information. I hope more took the time to listen to it. It is sad that it has taken us so long to get to this point, we have missed the gold rush by a bit but who knows what the future will hold for the price of gold or the world economy.

The main thing to me is the understanding of just how far this management has taken this company. It has not been an easy road and not one that is travelled overnight. It has been a long hard road with many battles and disappointments but what impressed me is that the team through thick and thin continues to look forward and into the future.

They are not rushing or planning for tomorrow they are looking down the road at continued improvements, increasing production, lowering the cost of production and even looking so far into the future as to look at opening more mines to support the high grade of ore.

Even getting the toll milling agreements did not come easy or fast but in my opinion it is because they again were not rushing but waiting for the right partner to come along.

Best of fortune to all ! Gerald