Summarizing the risk factors...

1. High/unprofitable unit production cost - If a tolling deal is consummated, wouldn't that have a material impact on the cost/oz?  The answer is obviously yes.  So, my question is do: A) You don't believe that a tolling deal will be done?; or B) You simply don't believe they can competetently implement a tolling deal and therefore there will never be any reduction in production cost/oz...

2. Future Environmental Liabilities - Can someone elaborate on the nature and relative costs of these future costs?  To a certain extent all production mining companies in the U.S. face these issues.  How much more of any issue is this risk to VG?  What is the NPV impact, or SWAG dollar cost?

3. Major Production Break Down - More trouble with the plant or with mining operations.  A read of the last five years suggests that these guys have practically run into every conceivable brick wall imaginable.  At a certain point, logic and probabilities argue that they should be on the favorable side of a declining brick wall curve.  Or do you guys see major production risks?

4.  Management Integrity & Competency - I would surmise from many of the posts here that the majority of the shorts are primarily "haters" of this management team.  I get it.

Love to hear comments regarding Items #1-3.