We know atleast one thing, that the SP is manipulated. Noone can dispute this... The question is why?

1. Some smart guys have done the math and believe that VG is worth to much, so they have shorted and are helping to push the shareprice down. So, how hard is it to find out how many shares that is shorted? Is it impossible to get that information? If there is 10 milion shares shorted, then we have our answer... or 1 milion what ever.

2. Some seem to think that a private placement is around the corner, they believe they can buy cheap (and get options) so they are selling out, and pushing the shareprice down, atleast they dont want the sp to rise...

3. Buyout option. This one is to optimistic... Still an option but for someone that has been trading for a while... I just dont think this is the case.

4. Some big guys are loading up on shares, because they want more to say during the meetings.


So all in all... one would get crazy thinking of all the options. The main question is: will the company make it? Will they make money and can they be independent from the capital market? In the PR today, the company says that they wont need to take in more money =no PP... Question is, do we trust them?

"Management believes that with the positive cash flows from operations, funds raised from the recent financing and the negotiations successfully completed on previously maturing forward gold loans (now maturing in June, 2013, and January, 2014), the company has adequate capital to finance the development of Starvation Canyon and any remaining environmental capital or mill improvements required to continue optimizing existing operations.

In the next few days, the company, having successfully met the performance criteria required during the 18-month period following the closing of the Deutsche Bank gold forward facility, will also be in receipt of $8-million of funds previously set aside under that agreement."


So... what the hell should one believe... 3 moz gold, 140k oz production, roaster, toll miling...  155 mcad? If VG is expensive at 155 mcad... why would anyone buy exploration companies that are not producing? If anyone is intrested, I bought at 1.58 a month ago, only 3000-4000 stocks so Im not hurting... but cant help feeling confused :)