So he's shorting the stock: No kidding, Sherlock. Think that would account for the unrelenting negativity? Think that helps push his personal agenda? I'm just surprised to see a small-time pumper/manipulator admit anything.

I say "personal" because I don't think he's got the resources or the wherewithall to be behind the "small block trading" we've seen pushing the stock downward. He just got lucky to get on for the ride. That brings me to Agio's post about who might be behind the long and sustained downward price manipulation.

The "why" is obvious: trying to get nervous types to bail out so their shares can be picked up prior to the inevitable upward price movement once the turnaround is complete. I'd go as far as to say upward price manipulation by whoever's picking up all the nervous nellie cheap shares.


Is there any way to find out who's doing this? Any legal way?