I don't have enough experience to judge how much of a threat these attacks are to Veris Gold at the moment but here is my think on it

If the board members and management are not on board with the manipulation and covert outside takeover - that is the key for me. I get more of a warm and comfy feeling with this company.

Last company I had, had it's stock manipulated down 50% in 3 months and then an private outsider came in and offered twice the amount - essentially they got it for current stock price of 3 months earlier. Board and management thought it was great value to the shareholders. NOT. This was a South American company. They had great properties also.

I think the combination of the Tolling contract and cranking up the gold output in next quarter will weaken the short position even more. Anymore manipulation after that - it's a good way to get shares cheaper. I hope this to be the case.