I got this last night from Scotia Bank I -Trade , gave VG a Itermidiate short term price of $1.91 -$1.97 ....Richard



Technical Event® Alerts at Close of Business January 15, 2013

The following alerts have been triggered. Each alert may produce a list of up to 50 Technical Event® opportunities matching the selected criteria. If you find that the list of matching Technical Event® opportunities is too long, try narrowing your alert criteria.

Alert Name: New Alert
Alert Criteria: Stocks (Cdn.) in the industry (Metals and Mining); Classic Patterns; Any Opportunity Type (Bullish, Bearish or Other); Daily and Weekly Events.
Symbol Exchange Name Event
Close at Event
Target Price Range
Opportunity Type
AGQ TSXV Arian Silver Corporation Continuation Wedge (Bullish)
$0.36 - $0.38
Intermediate-Term Bullish
CCO TSX Cameco Corp Head and Shoulders Bottom
$24.20 - $25.00
Intermediate-Term Bullish
EAS TSXV East Asia Minerals Corp Diamond Bottom
$0.48 - $0.52
Long-Term Bullish
FIS TSXV Fission Energy Corp Symmetrical Continuation Triangle (Bullish)
$0.71 - $0.75
Intermediate-Term Bullish
HDA TSXV Huldra Silver Inc Top Triangle
$0.98 - $1.04
Intermediate-Term Bearish
MDI TSX Major Drilling Group International Inc Double Bottom
$14.50 - $15.10
Long-Term Bullish
TGZ TSX Teranga Gold Corporation Symmetrical Continuation Triangle (Bullish)
$2.61 - $2.69
Intermediate-Term Bullish
VG TSX Veris Gold Corp Bottom Triangle
$1.91 - $1.97
Intermediate-Term Bullish