Investing is like anything else, if people that invest in companies dont tell the trues, then there is no "team", and without that we have no voice. We can all say what is and still make money, we dont have to try to manipulate each other in any way. We all should by now know that no BB can affect companies that are valued at 170 mcad, thats not change money. People should stop seeing investing as a competition, because if you do, then dont call it investing.

What seems true to me, is that VG will need some money, atleast 10mcad, and for that reason, some investors are trying to push the shareprice down, so that the pp price will be as low as possible. And in doing this, they may borrow stocks, and sell them short. So its the managements responsibility to not let these crooks get away with this. Management probably knows whos behind this manipulation, so they should not sell them share in the coming pp. Im sure there are lots of buyers out there anyways. My five cents, as you north americans say :)