On Nov.12, 2012, the filed  Veris Gold 3rd qtr report states, "The company has achieved positive cash flow from operations of $3.5 million  during  the quarter, the first positive operating cash flow achieved since the third quarter of 2007".  How many quarters are there  between these  dates when VG(YNG)  did not make a profit and lost how much  money?   It totals 17 quarters thru 2011,  plus the first 2 quarters of 2012,  for a total of 19 consecutive money losing quarters.   Let's go to the YNG(VG) financial statement filed for 2011 (2010) on SEDAR on March 29,  2012 , para 5,  and get the answer for the money lost.  " At  December 31, 2011 the company had a working capital deficiency of $52.7 million ( 2010 - $51.7 million) and an accumulated deficit of $358.9 million ( 2010 - $385.3 million)". These losses do not include the losses for the first 2 quarters of 2012.  These are direct quotes and  are "FACTS" that can be easily verified .  Now for the "WISDOM".  A wise man once said " You have to know the past,  to understand the present.  and foresee the furure".  And  Abraham Lincoln said," You can fool all  of the people some  the time, and you can fool some  of the people all of the time, but,  you cannot fool all of the people all of the time". These just seemed  to be appropriate at this time.          ICE