I really dont care what VG traded at before, or how much they have spent, or how many shares there are, or which pumper is saying what, its just not important. What is important is that I dont believe that management, or the larger stakeholders would sell the company at this price. You dont spend 200 mcad on a company so that you will sell it for less when you actually are making money, when your so close to the goal. Right now, gold is out of favor, and thats really strange... The worlds currencies are rubbish and inflation is coming, the price of gold should go up (not relevant right now). Stick to whats important. Manipulation, shorters... these are short term stuff, they wont last. You just need some patients, and as anyone would tell you, thats the most important attribute you could have as an investor. So stop blaming and whining, just look at what is and if you like it stay put, if you dont sell... there are lots and lots of cheap companies out there right now, dont spend your time and money on something that you dislike. Keep it simple.