Sometimes one just has to let go of the history and just look at the now. VG is producing at a rate of over 120 k oz per year, and is cf positive. This after spending 200 mcad. This is true... They just took in 15 mcad, to be used to get an other mine into production, maybe they will need more money, and maybe they wont, why speculate?

Right now the SP is pointing down, thus negativity has a foothold on peoples minds, people are looking for something negative to blame for the loss in SP. But sometimes, there is no reason. Sometimes you are looking for something that isent there... This is what trading/investing is all about, buying something that you think is cheap, and that others for some unknown reason doesent. With time you learn to not listen to others and investing becomes so much easier. You dont always have right, maybe VG blows, I could never be sure, but people whining and being negative about a stock... thats just.. why? Just leave... dont get hooked on a company... move on. Keep it simple stupid :) /best regards from a cold as S**T Sweden