This is from Sardi's post a couple of days ago.....A Letter to Veris Gold from Classic Value Investors ...I really think the lett should be took a while to convert over......Richard



Classic Value Investors

December 7, 2012
To the Management of Veris Gold Corporation,
As a shareholder of Veris Gold Corporation, I want to let you know that I am satisfied with how the turn around of the company is going. I know that you are under extreme pressure right now because the stock price is getting crushed as you are trying to raise additional money to put Starvation Canyon into production and complete the remaining Consent Decree requirements.
It did not surprise me that the selling shareholders are acting the way they are acting because,let’s face it, the majority of investors involved in the mining sector are nothing but emotional wrecks. They have no idea what it takes to create anything from scratch or to turn a company like Veris Gold around. All they know how to do is sit in front of their computers, staring at their spreadsheets, and complain when something costs more or gets delayed.
Looking back, you took the company from being shut down and on its way to bankruptcy to being a profitable gold producer. Yes, it took you more money and more time to get to where you are right now and you are not completely where you need to be but you are continually heading in the right direction.
I applaud you for your accomplishments even though you frustrated the hell out of me, but I never expected it to be easy. With that being said, you have my full support and I will stick with you all the way to the end.
Thank you for your time.
Mariusz Skonieczny