My point is,  Y.N.G  did the R.D. for system,  Y.N.G  pay the bills for the devolpment of system  But the compamy does not own the product? Dont you find that strange?

Its like the missing gold?  what happened to all that?

Its like after the crash, why did drilling cost in Ketza go up more then 4 fold, when prices for drilling per foot went down. 

Am still working on all the numbers, The millions in flowthrow did not translate into feet drilled. Or should I say cost efective drilling, When asking the company this quistion, there was no reply

looking at company statements, most gold has been sold forward,  to banks, director held companys and so forth,

there not much left for the share holder,  If things where looking all rose, why did the banks and diretor held companys not put money up for expansion? There getting very nice returns

printing more stock is easyest ,or is it desperate? 

Very few facts ever get passed on to shareholders, whats the npv for stravation canyon? looking at the map. its a long haul . buying stock in elko tire company looks more profitable,