Goldpet,You're right I don't know. But I can make educated assumptions. 1)Valuation prices of miners and juniors in comparison to gold and silver have not been that low in a long while. 2) The fiscal cliff debacle in US should be solved soon and remove the doubts of a global recession. 3) The printing of currency will continue in US , EU, Japan etc. leading to bigh gold prices 4) VG is cash flow positive and has already spent over $200 million in turn around process. 5) VG in the worst case scenario could firm to its large investors/insiders and secure some sort of financing, and since it does not need a large amount ( most cap ex ready done) the dilution will be minimal.This is briefly my reasoning, and if I am wrong will lose a lot of money . I know one thing , if I doubted the management as much as you, I would sell in a second.>