Won't be long before there's yet more high-grade muck coming into the circuit.


The other pics show some pretty decent equipment in use -- the bolter alone is a major labor-time saver.

Other pics show the long-hole stoping process. Behind the plastic fence in one is the box-hole - the crucial initial opening that the other holes get blasted into in sequence. Looks like they'll be drilling there for a few more weeks before they do the big blast. It gets drilled and blasted in the shape of a big cone, with access points for the scoop(s) at the bottom. Watch the ore come rolling out then!


This is all good; have faith. The penny-ante short-sellers will disappear once the institutional buyers step in. And Pruiter doesn't know his butt from a hole in the ground -- reckon I don't care if'n he's rode his pickup from navada to yookon.