Part of today's reponse from the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada is as follows,              

"One of the primary roles of IIROC in reviewing any complaint is to determine whether there is sufficient evidence that supports a potential breach of Universal Market Integrity Rules (UMIR), to warrant further investigation and potential regulatory action. If there are no indications of violations of UMIR, IIROC will close the file with no action taken. If there are indications of potential violations of UMIR, IIROC will take appropriate action against the dealer member or its registered employees. Appropriate action may involve formal disciplinary proceedings or other measures such as a cautionary letter or a warning letter. Formal disciplinary proceedings become matters of public record, however other measures taken by IIROC are not."


In other words, they are looking into it but the general public will not know of any investigation or  results thereof unless formal disciplinary actions occur. This is standard operating procedure so spurious claims of foul don't taint a stock or company. So, the wheels are in motion, at least.


I still think that if more of us bring pressure, there's a better chance that the matter will receive an in-depth rathar than cursory look. Thank you Helmut for getting this rolling: Too many would rather complain than act.