The guys from VET are serial money makers. They are another group who I've always known were good (what I call the A+ teams) but I'd been forever looking for a cheaper entry as I thought they were just too expensive whenever I've had significant cash (just like TOU) - an attitude that has been to my extreme detriment considering that along with the beautiful chart below (toggle the "max" option, the link defaults to a one-year chart despite my efforts), they've always paid a decent dividend.

However, I recently decided to stop being a wallflower and have a decent position.

They never buy stuff too expensively (always accretive acquisitions), they are great operators in both France and Canada (2+ recycle ratio for years, good cost control, decent G&A and FD&A, great legacy land positions with tons of existing infrastructure in emerging plays (Cardium and Duvernay)), they never take on too much debt (1.0 debt/cash flow despite heavy recent capex) and they pay their growing dividend stream with after-tax profits ($44.64/bbl after-tax corporate cash flow netbacks with 18% Cdn NG prices & they've paid $23.85/sh. in div. over the last 10 years).

And the payoff is still coming. Quick, someone Google "Corrib" if you want to hear a story about one development that can help a 40,000 bo/d (they're 85% oily if you include Netherlands oil-lined NG production) $7b enterprise increase their cash flow per share 30-35% in one go within the next 18 months.

For your further DD pleasure: