The main problem with a class action suit is to find a lawyer who is willing to leave some of the settlement money to the plaintiffs. A few pennies on the dollar is not worth it.

Don't be so sure that the Americans will approve this deal. They are concerned about the Russians becoming a major player in the uranium market. ARMZ could have taken uuu over from the beginning but they settled for  51% controlling interest to make it palatable to the Americans. They could ,of course, sell their U.S. assets and avoid the regulators altogether.

There is no chance that , having gone so far,  ARMZ  will reverse its decision to take over uuu.I never liked the way they muscled in on uuu but voted for the first deal because I saw that uuu had no chance given its operations in Kazakhistan. I also hoped that the Russians will behave themselves as they are concerned about promoting a business-friendly image for their country. This is so damaging for Russia that I wonder if the government is in control of this operation. I, for one, will never buy a single share in a Russian company and no potential foreign investor is going to like this if he comes across it when doing his research.

Whatever happens, I will not sell unless the a------s controlling uuu trading up the bid to $2.86.