"I agree that USA common stock, similar to silver and gold, is being suppressed in price as knowledgeable institutional money and USA management accumulates the common aggressively"

Petersburgray, I certainly appeciate your very informative posts, but according to CanadianInsider, aside from a 3,000 share purchase in January, USA management hasn't bought any shares since Blasutti last bought 10,000 shares in mid-December at $1.94. If this is such a screaming buy and they know of all of this positive stuff that we're not privy to, I would expect to see insiders buying like crazy at $1.50.

In a nutshell do you think we'll see a big rise in the share price sometime this year. This is my largest holding and I'm hoping that I didn't make a mistake pouring over $130k of my money into this stock.

Thanks again for all of the excellent info. that you provide on this board.

Cheers and have a great weekend! zz