Historic production from galena, perhaps 200mm oz of silver, came from hanging wall or near side of Polaris fault.  Mining of big hanging wall strike of bonanza grade veins such as the Silver Vein, the largest galena Cu/Ag producer, and the 72 vein, the 2d largest producer, ended at the Polaris faut and could not continue since at the time the operators of galena did not know the exact offset of hanging wall vis-a-vis facewall vein strike.  With discovery of Silver Vein drop down in footwall now USA knows this offest, and a mirror image, (but better, the deeper vein strike being being wider and richer), of the historic 200mm oz silver mineralization already mined in hanging wall.  Very literally a mirror image of Galena's historic production  is present in the Polaris fault footwall, low hanging fruit, super cheap to find and develop because of its location so close to existing galena underground workings, ripe and  tasty fruit waiting for the picking and eating.  Caladay Cu/Ag is a new discovery and it is very highly siginificant in my opinion since like the Silver Vein and Caladay Pb/Ag, it was identified from core database.  Apparently the old timers were human and make mistakes too, overlooking the intercepts for Cu/Ag Caladay Vein in old cores.  Core database identified area to drill for Caladay Vein, in my opinion, long before RXE/USA merger. USA management, knowing what was potentially out there disclosed nothing publicly and waited for drills to turn to disclose the existance of Caladay Vein since once new drill resuts were in house there could be no hiding the truth of the silver deposit from shareholders further.  Prior to new drill results USA management could claim they did not disclose Caladay Vein potential existance to shareholders becasue old drill results may not be reliable and USA mgmt didnt want to build up market expectations only to let them down if new drill results didnt confirm the old.  With Caladay drill results on the table, instead of saying in plain English "we think we found the Sunshine Veins sister and we got plenty of real hot leads on more of Sunshine Veins siblings due to our core database"  USA management disclosed Caladay vein in a way meant to obfuscate and confuse, hoping market participants would not realize the real deal.  Whatever you do dont bother to ask USA management specific questions about the Galena mine core database because you will be met by a wall of silence.