Strannick I agree that USA common stock, similar to silver and gold, is being suppressed in price as knowledgeable institutional money and USA management accumulates the common aggressively.  The pronounced declines on rather pitiful volume tells the tale, these insiders are very desperate for more USA shares, they dont feel they need to chase it right now, they think by pushing it lower on no volume they will hit some longs stops and that others will lose their patience and are just going to throw in the towel and sell their USA stock to them for a pittance.  In my opinion, given the success of the core database in pinpointing the exact locations of bonanza grade Cu/Ag veins such as the Silver Vein in the footwall and the Caladay Vein in the hanging, the silver production growth at Galena will be explosive in the coming quarters.   Informed institutional money understands the significance of the core datatbase and management knows it too (I think of it as the Human Genome Project for Galena mine, that instead of pinpointing DNA associated with disease, pinpoints the location of bonanza grade Cu/Ag in Galena).  Both institutional money and management have a vested intersest is seeing low prices for USA stock for now.  In my opinion management want low USA stock prices so they have the time to  personally buy more cheap stock at market as well as price themselves plenty more cheap stock options in the coming quarters, options that will be super deep in the money for sure by this time next year at the latest.  Ditto institutional money.  The longer the price is held down, the worse the chart pattern looks, discouraging folk from going long.  Lack of buying interest prolongs the churn at low prices and gives both USA management and the big money more time to build out their longs at low prices.