Certainly the history of American management and the unionized American working man in the Silver Valley is one full of conflict and strife, however with Canadians running the show, management labor relations at Galena have been excellent.  The union man is Galena's strongest card in my opinion.  Having the union means you have a trained, experienced and motivated workforce mucking the stopes and risking their lives daily underground in harsh conditions.  Having the union gives management much more control of mining operations on account of the fact that miners are company employees vs. scab labor, I mean to say contractors. Plus the scabs extra management overhead means the same work costs 15% more money for the company than the sweat of the union man.  Furthermore should the MSHA show up and cite galena for a bunch of gigs when inspecting mine operations you dont have the contractor management avoiding responsibility by pointing fingers at the company management.  Should there be such a circumstance at Galena in the future, there is a unified front with everyone singing from the same sheet of music.