In my opinion, the one of the biggest reasons CDE decided to exit the silver valley is that the CDE management did not want to deal with the mineworkers union any longer.

  Also when figuring out the value of metal in the ground, don't forget to add in the lead. At the Caladay Lead Silver project, there is an estimated 60 million tons which contain, on average 4% lead. At one dollar a pound lead, that comes out to $80 per ton, ( 4% times 2000 pounds times 1 dollar equals $80)  $80 times 60 million equals 4.8 Billion.Now the acutual value will be lower because this assumes that the company can extract 100% of the lead. On the other hand, this value may be higher because lead prices are expeceted to rise over time, (lots of those electric bikes being sold) and the Caladay Lead Silver deposit may continue at depth and to the east of the Caladay shaft which, to my understanding hasn't been drilled yet

Anyway if the lead and silver are in tne ground, based on the 700 drill holes, then this tiny penny silver may have more than 11 billion dollars of metal in the ground.