Good idea Cridwell.  Dont take my word for it, do your own DD  and give Big Creek a call and talk to management over there.   Also try talking to some Big Creek customers.  Take a look at the 43-101 for that cobalt mine in Salmon and the 43-101s for Sunshine mine.  As for reserves at Galena complex, in my strong opinion and belief there is no question USA has them in the ground and knows exacty were to drill for more. In my opinion, Caladay Vein is not an outlier, these bonanza grade Cu/Ag veins in the Silver Valley come in clusters.  In my opinion, silver reserves will take care of themselves as operating cash flow is more than sufficient to cover an extensive drilling budget so all that is needed is time and the patience to wait for the drills to turn to firm things up.  I am not shocked that CDE's disco dancer sold $6bn (100mm+ oz Ag for Silver Vein in footwall + 100mm oz Ag for caladay Vein in hanging wall and thats at $30 silver) of silver in the ground for $15mm, CDE has been destroying shareholder value for years - just the other day CDE paid $384mm for a patch of Mexican dirt that isnt even fully permitted to be a mine.  Sell low buy high, dilute, dilute, wash, rinse, repeat.  The New York bankers love all the business.  You know well how CDE raped Galena - mine out that 72 vein mechanically for 4.4mm oz of Ag/yr at a $5 cash cost all the while starve Galena of any exploration budget and any sustaining capex. Let the sharft collapse due to lack of operator maintenance and justify the declining produciton resulting from lack of accesss to certain deeper Cu/Ag stopes as 'difficult ground conditions' at galena in the 10Q - one sentence buried in the middle of the document is suffient disclosure for the watchful SEC.  Why should CDE implement modern mining methods at galena like digitizing all that old core collecting dust the warehouse and running it through a geomapping software, forget about it that, there are much better mining prospects to focus on in more stable political jurisdictions such as Argentina or Bolivia.