Big Creek will never be able to handle Pb/Ag concentrates with its zero liquid discharge 'smelting' method due to the impurities associated with the Pb, however the "smelting' process is proven for Cu/Ag/Sb/Au concentrates such as those produced by Drumlummon, belmont, galena, Coeur, and Caladay.  As for the refinery's capacity,  when you say that Big Creek is not setup right now to process a large scale of batch concentrates, if you mean that with a capital investemt of less than $10mm refinery capacity could be built out to handle all USA Cu/Ag/Sb/Au concentrates, then I would certainly agree with you.  One other fact that makes such a refinery compelling to USA is  that it could add literally tens of millions of dollars/yr of rare earth metal credits to USA bottom line.  The concentrate waste left over after recovering the Cu/ag/Au  is then run one more time thorough the autoclave to recover the Sb.  Galena Cu/Ag/Sb/Au concentrates are equal parts Cu and Sb (perhaps 18%Cu/18%Sb just like Sunshine).  Cu is about $4/lb, Sb $6.60/lb.  So right now USA is leaving huge cash on table, credits worth 150% of Cu production with current 4 year smelter agreement with Xstrata that Tom Parker signed on his way out the door since rare earth byproduct is not payable at th smelter and Xstrata gets to keep that Sb for itself.  Drumlummon concentrates have Cu and Sb too but I do not know the assays.