To Shareholder of 'U.S. Silver & Gold Inc. (USA / USGIF) - 

The Company should file the NCIB Program to allow for market 
purchases of the Company's common shares (the "Shares") under 
certain market conditions and subject to the approval of 
the Board of Directors.
The Company does not currently intend to purchase Shares on 
the market, but may do so from time to time in the future. 

Although the Board of Directors and Management of the Company 
must believe that the Shares are currently significantly 
extremely undervalued, 

Callahan Mining Corporation 1983 operated by Asarco - 
by memo. 
Asarco before 1983 spent more than $85 million to the shaft construction 
development + drilling etc. etc. 
Asarco in 1983 mined; 
more than 195,000 tons mined @ a profit of more than $26 million 

In current market value $85 million on the Callahan shaft 
development is more valued than the total market capitalisation 
value of U.S. Silver & Gold (USA / USGIF) 
@ only 

Total Current Market Cap: $121,774,201 

In my opinion; 
Investors who pay @ $2.-/sh currently pay for Callahan Mine and 
get a good bargain for it - 

rest of the assets of - 
USA / USGIF - rest of assets are FREE Load including; 

So even a 10 year old who learned 1 x 20 = USA / USGIF = 20 times 
in Real Market Value than the bargain give away price @ currently -

USA / USGIF - rest of assets are FREE Load including; 
U.S. Silver & Gold Inc. 
is a newly formed silver and gold mining company focused on growth 
from its existing asset base and the execution of targeted 
accretive acquisitions. U.S. Silver & Gold owns and operates the 
Galena Mine Complex 
in the heart of the Silver Valley/Coeur d'Alene Mining District, 
Shoshone County, Idaho and 
the Drumlummon Mine Complex in Lewis and Clark County, Montana. 
Within the Galena Mine Complex, the Galena Mine produces high-grade 
silver and is the second most prolific silver mine in U.S. history, 
delivering over 200 million ounces to date, 
the Coeur Mine 
is under re-development with first production having been achieved 
in late 2012 and the Caladay Zone is being evaluated for bulk 
mining development. 
The Drumlummon Mine currently produces high-grade gold and silver 
with historical production of 1 million ounces of gold and 12 
million ounces of silver and has never been fully exploited or 

USA / USGIF has about fiat$30 million + @ current in 
working capital - 

suggest to management to buy back shares - 
The Buy Back Program should again be operational and hopefully 
we will see this bolster our share price. 

Best of lucks to all longs!

Also Note. 
the Callahan shaft etc. has been repaired - 

U.S. Silver Coporation 
(TSX VENTURE: USA) ("U.S. Silver" or the "Company") is pleased to 
announce the beginning of repair activities associated with 
the Caladay mine into production. 
The Caladay Shaft lies approximately 1.3 miles southeast of the 
Galena Mine No.3 Shaft in Wallace, Idaho. The two mines are already 
interconnected on the 4900 foot level of the Galena Mine. 

The four-phase program includes: 

- The repair of the Placer Creek and Caladay portals and the 
installation of new hoist ropes on the Caladay hoist. This includes 
upgrades to the timbered sections in the tunnels, repair of the 
rail access to the hoist room where necessary, and replacing the 
hoist rope that has been in service for more than 30 years. 
The repair should be completed by early 4th quarter, 2008. 

- Concurrent with the portal repair, additional exploration drilling 
in the Caladay mineralized zone between the 4900 and 5200 levels of 
the Galena Mine will begin. 
This drill program is designed to explore the western zone of the 
Caladay mineralized area and will provide information for the test 
mining program. 
Once drilling is completed, a new resource model will be … 

it strange to not see; 
all Chinese and India miners etc. from world over to be crawling 
on top of each other @ Galena, Wallace to pick up this 
strategic super Ag-mine bargain for 
$peanutz fiatz counterfeitz for 
BS osama cult pawns has told them that US is open for business!