We hope no more lowballer dinosaurs like HL try a hostile takeover, but at least we have a shareholder agreement in place now. Old pro like Hecla? That was really good for a chuckle. Thanks. 

We're still waiting for your retraction/apology for the bogus comment of no cash in the kitty.

Great results yesterday, so our die-hard detractor focuses on RXE. 18,000 ounces would be nothing to sneeze at- and like PG so meticulously and informatively points out, RXE is huge once dewatered. With all that new high grade from yesterday, USA has plenty to deal with for the foreseeable future, as it assess RXE. 

And at least the RXE merger kept us from getting shluped up by that caving in regulatory catastrophy - I mean old pro -Hecla.