USA has very little in the way of postive cash flow with silver @ $31.

Good thing silver's almost at $32 this morning as we speak. The spike for gold and silver this morning came from QE4 finally showing up on the FedRes balance sheet, with it rising 45 billion as of the last couple of days. As we all know here, this balance sheet will continue to rise 85 billion a month, with no end date set by the Fed. There is no closer correlation to a rising price of gold than Fed balance sheet increases. As well, just look at that dropping USDX. It happens every time with new QE, after the lag it takes for the new Treasury purchases to show up on the Fed balance sheet. I like to simultaneously watch the rising price of Brent/WTI as an inflation indicator as the gargantuan crude market isnt as easy to slap around as are gold/silver.

Because of USA's increasing production profile, along with its extreme leverage to the silver price, USA will begin to start rising dramatically, along with the dramatically rising price of silver.